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The LASH KIT gives you:

  • All four original magnetic lash styles (individual boxes)
  • One bottle of magnetic eyeliner (color options: Black, Magna Clear, Brown)
  • One faux rose gold lash applicator

Original Lash Styles:

  • ACTIVELASH (Medium Length Cat Eye | 6 mm - 12 mm)
  • HUSTELASH (Medium Length Cat Eye) | 6 mm - 15 mm) 
  • DAYLASH  (Long Length Round) | 10 mm - 15 mm)
  • DATELASH (Long Length Round) | 15 mm - 18 mm)

Our original lashes were designed to offer a different lash for every important part of your life from...

  • Going out on the town with a hot date (DATELASH)
  • Looking beautiful during your professional daily work life (HUSTLELASH)
  • Living your best life while doing daily activities such as shopping, hanging with friends, or completing daily routines (DAYLASH)
  • And working out or getting active and sweaty (ACTIVELASH)

Additional Lash Details: 

  • 10 magnets per lash
  • Lashes are hand made
  • 50 reusable all-day wears
  • Wear up to 24 hours per use
  • 100% Cruelty-Free Mink & Hydra Silk Material (ACTIVELASH)
  • Requires magnetic eyeliner for lash application 

    How to Apply

    STEP 1: Apply everylash magnetic liquid eyeliner along lash line and allow to dry completely for one minute before applying lashes. Please view this blog article for a detailed magnetic liner application guide.

    STEP 2: Place lashes securely on dried liner. Please view this blog article for a detailed guide on how to perfectly place your magnetic lashes.

    STEP 3: To remove eyelashes, gently peel the lashes from your outer lash toward your inner eye. Use standard makeup removal product along lashes to remove eyeliner completely. Please view this blog article for a detailed guide on how to remove, clean, and store your magnetic lashes properly.

    100% Money-Back Guarantee

    We 100% guarantee you'll love these magnetic lash products or you get your money back!

    If you are not obsessed with your lashes, simply email us at and we'll refund your money within 30 days of purchase.






    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Easy to apply

    I haven’t used a lot of false lashes because they always seemed overwhelming to me but these were super easy to apply!

    Debi Lane Fletcher
    Best lashes , so easy to apply

    Lash kit is the best value , you get all 4 lashes plus a magnetic liner. You can get 50 uses out of your lashes so you have 200 uses in your kit❤

    Perfect lash Kit

    If you’re looking for a lash kit that has just about everything you need, this would be the kit for you! The lashes are so comfortable, and so easy to apply

    Debra Clifford Gifford
    Simply the BEST!

    Hello ladies!
    Wow! You’ve got to have these lashes!
    I bought the Lash Kit and I got excited when I saw the beauty of each different pair. These lashes are gorgeous, natural looking, soft, safe to wear, and were made with the best quality I have seen! To top all that off, after wearing them all day, I didn’t get the itchy eyes as I have every other brand I’ve tried.
    That’s important too! They were easy to apply, remove and stayed in place all day, unlike many other brands.
    The Active Lash is for the very active woman, whether going for a walk or jog, working out or cleaning house.
    They will make you feel pretty just having them on, even without makeup. No need for mascara unless you’d rather have it on.
    The Day Lash is lovely, dark enough to brighten up your beautiful eyes and can be worn everywhere. If you want your eyes to pop, try a pair of these! They’re beautiful!
    The Date Lash! Who says it has to be date night to wear these gorgeous lashes?! I am in love with all of them but these are my favorite! Talk about your eyes popping!
    I haven’t tried the clear liner yet but believe I’ll like it as much as the black. Will be trying soon. This magnetic liner is the best!
    I love the lashes so much that I’m a monthly subscriber. You’ll get one pair of lashes (your choice) and also the magnetic liner, all for just $20 a month! Amazing Deal!

    This company is AMAZING! They are caring, honest, hard-working and a fabulous team who have put together these gorgeous lashes! They are supportive, speaking loudly for women all across the globe! They want every woman to know she is beautiful! EveryLash is simply the BEST!

    So, what are you waiting for? Order those lashes and I promise you’ll fall in love with them !

    Thank you, EveryLash!
    God Bless You for all you do & all you stand for!
    You may be new but I see you becoming a very successful company and it is right around the corner!

    I love my lash kit

    I love the lash kit, and I love the four lash styles, but my favorite one is the Activelash!!! I have the lash kit with the clear liner, that really works, now I'm excited to try the black liner as well.



    Black Liner
    Magna Clear Liner
    Brown Liner